To ensure every cremation is carried out without delays and in compliance with your wishes and the law, we need certain information and your authorization to proceed.

Below are the relevant legal forms. Please complete and sign these forms after you have arranged the cremation, then return them to us at Spring Grove Cremation Society as soon as possible. Without them, we cannot carry out the cremation.

Instructions for Completing and Returning the Forms

To fill out a form, click on the ‘Download Form’ button and then print. Enter all the required information and then sign. Once you have completed the forms, you can scan them and email them to us at, or mail them to us at:

Spring Grove Cremation Society

9100 Plainfield Rd
Cincinnati, Oh 45236

If you need any assistance in completing these forms, please contact our support team at (513) 492-2168. We are here for you.

Vital Statistics Worksheet

To file the death certificate, we need the deceased’s authorized agent to fill out and complete the Vital Statistics Worksheet.

Please return the form to us within five days to comply with Ohio law.

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Appointment of Representative (Before Need)

In Ohio, the deceased’s legal next-of-kin has the right to make the funeral arrangements. If you would like someone else to arrange your funeral, you need to appoint that person by filling out an Appointment of Representative for Disposition of Bodily Remains, Funeral Arrangements, and Burial or Cremation Goods and Services form.

Please return the form to us within five days to comply with Ohio law. Note that this form must also be signed by a witness.

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