Our Commitment to Serving You

At Spring Grove Cremation Society, we follow the highest ethical standards at every step of the cremation process, from planning to placement of cremated remains. Each staff member of Spring Grove Cremation Society is trained to follow our Code of Ethics, which is published below:

Conduct Toward the Deceased

Transfer: The deceased should be transferred from the place of death or facility within two hours of receiving the notification whenever possible. Failing that, as soon as is practical.

Covering: The deceased is to remain covered by clothing or a gown before the cremation to retain the deceased’s dignity.

Identification: The deceased is to be identified accurately using a positive identification system.

Preparation: The deceased is to be correctly handled at all times in accordance with mortuary standards and procedures as described by the government and other regulatory authorities. This includes a review of all cremation paperwork and the signing of the cremation order by a licensed funeral director.

Belongings: All personal items will be returned or cremated with your loved one based on instructions from the authorizing agent.

Cremation: Only one body is to be cremated at a time to retain the integrity of the remains, and a licensed funeral director must sign off on the entire process. The name of the deceased, the date and time of the cremation, identification number, and any other date relating to the cremation is entered into the permanent digital record in accordance with state law.

Cremated Remains: The cremated remains are to be handled with the utmost respect. Disposition of the cremated remains takes place according to the instructions of the Authorizing Agent.

Conduct Toward the Client

Consideration: Clients are to be treated courteously and patiently at all times, whether on the phone, in writing, or in person. All contact is to be performed with full professionalism and with respect for consumer laws.

Choice: It is our professional responsibility to ensure we offer you all options. This allows you to make informed and educated decisions that are best for you and your family.

Disclosure: Clients must be given the opportunity to review our General Price List before making their service selection, whether online or on the phone.

Explanation: The cremation process must be explained clearly and in writing to the Authorizing Agent. This includes all legal authorization documents.

Confidentiality: All physical records relating to the deceased, the Authorizing Agent and the cremation process are to be held in a secure location at all times. All digital data is encrypted in transit and subject to high technical standards.