Scattering Cremated Remains

Scattering yours or your loved one’s cremated remains is a meaningful memorialization option. As this is a permanent decision, we encourage families to carefully consider this means of final disposition. If you’re concerned about scattering laws in your area, our cremation experts will advise you on the regulations in your area, whether you live in Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana.

A Peaceful Resting Place in the Woods

If you’re looking for a unique alternative to scattering, consider placement in our Woodland Walkway. This wooded walking path set in the heart of a natural forest is located on our beautiful grounds. If this tranquil setting appeals to you, we’ll place your cremated remains in a biodegradable container, which allows you to return to the earth and nurture our wildflower garden. We’ll even set up a natural rock memorial to serve as a permanent marker of your life.


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